Why Sell At Auction?

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• An intense, ACCELERATED marketing process with Competitive Bidding creates competition among buyers.

• The seller knows exactly when the property will sell.

• Quick disposal reduces long-term carrying costs, including taxes and maintenance.

• Eliminates numerous and unscheduled showings.

• Takes the seller out of the negotiation process.

• Targeted marketing brings in the right buyers to your property.

• Ensures an aggressive marketing program that increases interest and visibility spotlighting your property.

• An auction price can exceed the price of a negotiated sale.

• A particular sale price is not attached to your assets.

• With the number of bids placed throughout the auction, the final sales price can only go up!


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COMAS MONTGOMERY REALTY AND AUCTION CO. has been in business since 1973. Specializing in ONLINE and LIVE AUCTIONS, RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS, FARM LAND, EQUIPMENT and PERSONAL PROPERTY. We provide the right mix of advertising methods using local media as well as the latest technologies. Get your property and assets sold quickly and efficiently with our experience and network of buyers. Call COMAS MONTGOMERY REALTY and AUCTION CO. TODAY to BOOK YOUR AUCTION!



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