’A Good Firm To Do Business With…’ reads the headline of a page in the Murfreesboro Courier, Sunday, August 19, 1956. The subject was the Montgomery Brothers Grocery and Meat Market which opened its doors in 1955. Comas Montgomery along with brothers Willard and Charles owned and operated a ’full service’ grocery store in Murfreesboro, Tennessee that had a personal touch. The brothers saw the volume of business rapidly increase even though they were in competition with the bigger chain stores.

’The tremendous amount of business can be attributed to the reasonable price tags on the well-stocked shelves plus the friendly service offered by the three Montgomery brothers.’ is the way the Courier commented on their success. In 1961, the Montgomery Brothers Market would change its hours to 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week becoming the first of its kind in Rutherford Co. Tennessee.


In 1973, Comas was among the founders of the Citizens Central Bank in Murfreesboro. The lessons learned in the grocery business were not lost in the banking business and his association with Citizens Bank and its success would continue for 19 years ending in 1992.

Comas also began his career in the real estate and auction business in 1973.In 1976 he received the ’Million Dollar Sales Award’ from the Rutherford Co. Association of Realtors, MLS (RCAR MLS). Quite a feat considering a $30,000 sale was huge in 1976. At that time the ’listing’ was the most accepted way of selling a piece of property. There was another way though, that intrigued Comas and that was the auction.Comas found he liked the feel and understood the way an auction worked and flowed and realized the opportunity for bigger sales.

Comas became president of the Rutherford Co. Board of Realtors, Inc. in 1983. In 1985  he started Comas Montgomery Realty and Auction Co., Inc. Charlie Montgomery had been working with his father in the real estate business since he was 16 years old. The company was holding about 17 auctions a year and the ideas Comas had were ready for the right opportunity to take hold. In 1991 Carl Montgomery came on board from First American Bank where he was employed as a loan officer. Comas, Charlie and Carl had found they shared the same passion for the ’auction’ business. The potential of the bidding process over a flat sale became a growing reality. The right opportunity had presented itself once again…three Montgomery’s in one business. The ’Competitive Edge’ was re-established, something Comas had learned in the grocery and banking businesses…find something you can do with some dedicated partners, do it better than anyone else, and be fair and honest to everyone involved.


In 1992 Comas became president of the RCAR MLS, in 1996-97 he was president of the Tennessee Auctioneers Association andin 1997 Co-Chaired the National Auctioneers Association Convention heldin Nashville, Tennessee, with his son, Carl Montgomery. In 2003 Comas was inducted in the Tennessee Association of Realtors Hall of Fame and in 2004 was inducted into the Tennessee Auctioneers Hall of Fame.


In 1991 the company was holding close to 17 auctions per year. Since then the auction business has been carefully attended to with innovation,perseverance, inspiration, and dedication. In 2010 Comas Montgomery Realty and Auction Co., Inc. conducted over 400 auctions.

Sometimes the auction is about a high profile piece of history that is on the block like the Walking Horse Hotel and its grounds and artifacts in Wartrace, Tennessee. And also like the Hackney House, a historic,grand, southern home, located in Franklin, Tennessee that was under court order to be liquidated in a U.S. Marshall Service Sale.


Large or small, famous or infamous each auction is important to someone and equally important to us. ’We have a deep desire to make sure our clients needs are met, and exceeded when possible, and an uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of doing business.’


The headline in the Murfreesboro Courier in 1956 is close but not quite accurate, Comas Montgomery Realty and Auction Co., Inc. in Murfreesboro, Tennessee is…’The BEST Firm To Do Business With’ in the real estate and auction business today.

Carl, Comas, and Charlie Montgomery
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